Author Topic: RCE in Virtual RC Pro Simulator?  (Read 1010 times)

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RCE in Virtual RC Pro Simulator?
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:49:42 AM »
Virtual RC Pro, I have just gotten into,.. I am blown away. anyhow,.. the company who makes the game, is not a huge company that made VRC then considered it done. VRC is all they have, and it is a constant work in progress.
  The new Short Course Trucks are amazing and the 8th scale nitro buggies are in the works. One of the short course tracks is, Mikes Hobby Shop in Texas. MIKES has a PC set up in the store with the VRC simulated track running for customers,.. and the real track out back.  People are just blown away with how well the track is simulated.

 Anyhow, there was a forum post on VRC Forums asking which tracks would you like to see modeled up in the future.   So of course my post was a straight up PROPS to RCEs  both, indoor sct,  carpet, and the outdoor.  LOL.  Twas probly selfish, thinking we could get in practice b4 driving the hour and a half to MA.  hehehe.

I'm not sure what it consists of to get your track into the simulator, but that would be cool as hell.  They say, for a vehicle to be in the sim, the manufacturer just has to send them a truck to model. '
Anyhow, Is something to look into, if interested. Maybe if enough people ask for it,,.??? lol

  Oh, and VRC is AMAZING if you havn't gotten to check it out yet. There is a Free Trial to see if your PC will run the program, but there really is no way to really try it out unless you order up the USB adapter, which is a simple device with 2 servo leads and a usb plug,.. you just plug in any receiver to the plugs and turn on your radio system,... :)   -_-